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Frequently asked questions

What should I prepare to class?

Just bring your own yoga wear :) Come in 10 minute earlier to settle yourself. Put your bags in the cabinet and find a mat you like. Please do not wear socks in class as it will be very slippery with socks on.

Do you have beginner classes? I am first time to yoga and am very stiff.

Yes, our classes are open to all levels from beginners to advanced. If you do not have any yoga experience before, we would suggest you take “relaxing stretch” classes to begin with. If you are looking for more challenging options, we have a variety of other classes from hatha, vinyasa, gentle flow, detox flow to Dharma wheel.

Do I need to bring a mat?

No, we have manduka yoga mats for all classes. However, if you want to bring your own mat it is always welcomed. :D

Is there any hidden cost or membership fee?

No. there is no hidden cost nor membership fee. Prices shown in the price schedule are all-inclusive. If you expect yourself to come regularly for classes, we do recommend the unlimited packages. :)

What about booking window? What is your cancellation policy?

The booking window opens 1 week in advance and cloese 12 hours before class. So if you want to cancel your class, please do so 12 hours before class. If you did not show up after booking a class, we would deduct one class credit from your account.

How do I enroll for your classes?

How to sign up 1) Go to " Price" to purchase your choice of package. 2) DO NOT create an account yourself. We will create one for you and your class credits will be added to your account within 2 business hours. 3) You can book your classes by logging into your account (email address you provided at purchase). 4) Come and enjoy yoga! Reminder: 1) Entry will not be allowed 5 minutes after the class has started. 2) Cancellation has to be made 3 hours before class. Late comers and no show will be charged. 3) If you wish to book the class within 2 hours, please drop us a message here.

Do you offer private instruction/ private group class?

Yes we do. :D Our private instruction starts from $800 per hour. Please contact info@oneyoga-studio.com for more information.

Do you offer advanced yoga classes?

Yes, please look for hatha 2, vinyasa 2 classes. These are level 2 yoga classes for experienced yoga practioners.

I have more questions!

Contact us on info@oneyoga-studio.com

Can I share my trial pass/ regular passes with my friends?

Sorry.. passes cannot be shared :(