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Palo Santo Stick (~35g)

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is Spanish for “holy wood,” Palo Santo is simply wood from the Bursera graveolens tree. It has been used for centuries by shamans in ritual prayer, ceremonies and healing. Tracing back to the Incan Empire, it had a prevalent place in native ritualistic medicine, preferred by shamans and healers for it’s metaphysical properties of purification and clearing negative energies.


What are the benefits of Palo Santo?

Rich in brain-oxygenating terpenes such as limonene and a-terpineol, Palo Santo has an uplifting and positive effect. It’s believed to cleanse to a person’s energy field, thereby enhancing their ability to deflect and repel negative energies as well as raising your positive vibrations in preparation for meditation. It’s also been known for it’s grounding and focusing effect which can enhance creativity, productivity and increase good fortune.


Going away from the energy side of things, Palo Santo’s also proven to be an effective natural alternative to insect repellant. Additionally it smells incredible, and can be used instead of scented candles or essential oils.


How is Palo Santo Harvested?

Between June and January, Palo Santo tree heartwood and branches is harvested from the forest. The most remarkable thing about the harvest of Palo Santo is that only the dead wood is collected. The pieces of wood used must die naturally, and fall to the forest floor. There, the wood must be allowed to lie and decay for four to ten years. This aging process ensures that the resins in the tree can migrate to the heartwood and oils can develop properly into a fully aromatic and quality product. Without the proper amount of time to die and decay, the oils of the Palo Santo tree do not have the time to intensify to their full power. Harvesting Palo Santo wood in this way is as sustainable as possible.


Palo Santo Stick (~35g)

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