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Samantha Sin

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Samantha started her yoga journey in her early teens. She believes that yoga should be the union of mind, body and soul. 

Samantha's teaching style is dynamic and fun. She encourages students to push their own limits and progress in a non-competitive way.

Samantha has been teaching for around ten years. She attained the highest qualification in yoga as ERYT500. She finished a lot of other certifications eg, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Wheel, Yoga Therapy, Advanced Yoga Teacher Training etc.

Cavina Leung

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Caca has stepped into the fourth year of yoga practice. She believes that many people work hard for their work or other matters, but it derives their time to take care of the body and soul. Yoga can provide them an opportunity to work out, communicate and understand themselves better. Through practice, you can listen to your body, calm your irritable thoughts, appreciate your persistence, and explore your room for improvement.


She is hoping to share her yoga and life experience with all of you in our lessons. Work hard together and become a more powerful self.


Leo Li

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Working in the financial industry, Leo uses yoga as a tool to reduce work pressure while witnessing his own progress continuously. He encourages his students to embrace challenges and practice with wisdom on the mat. He believes that yoga teaching should be tailor-made based on an individual’s needs and physical conditions. His respectful teachers Patrick Creelman and Edward Chow have inspired him with precise alignment cues and skilful hands-on adjustments. Leo has been incorporating these knowledge and experience to his classes. In addition to yoga, he is also passionate about hand balancing, movement flow and street workout.

Cherrie Leung

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Cherrie is a certified yoga and fitness instructor, completing her 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 under the guidance of Patrick Creelman. She moved her career from a digital marketer to a full time yoga and fitness trainer. Cherrie enjoys teaching very much and has patience to teach especially for beginners. Her classes are conducted in both English and Cantonese.


In her classes, she loves guiding the students to listen their own bodies and do their best. She aims to provide better alignment on each pose to open up the space in the body. She believes by moving and stretching our own body, we will have a better understanding of ourselves because mind and body are always connected.


Erica Tam

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Erica has been practising yoga since 2015 and she finished her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at One Yoga. She is keen on exploring different yoga styles, ranging from healing classes like relaxing stretch, to dynamic classes like Vinyasa Flow. She believes that yoga is graceful and meditating practice to keep the body and the mind healthy and blissful.

In her classes, every asana would have various options available so it's always yogis' choice to challenge themselves or to enjoy the class in a relaxing manner.

Ida Hui

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Ida comes from a background in classic yoga , which being instructor with RYT 200 & barre intensive certification from 2019 .  She believes that it is the best way to focus, learn to listen to your mind & body and fuel it with the things you love.  


She enjoys the moments of body flowing around in order to reconnecting with both body & soul. So ~ Power Vinyasa & heart opening related flow will be decided on daily basis mostly.

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Pauline Pung

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Pauline stepped into her first yoga lesson in 2015 with the guidance of an old colleague while seeking relaxation after work. She was drawn by the feeling of more centred, focused and relaxed after class. Pauline completed her RYT200 training in 2022. She has also completed other qualification in Aerial Yoga, Wheel Yoga and Sound Healing.


Pauline loves a fun, dynamic and enjoyable practice with her students. Pauline’s teaching focuses on alignments with the hope of making her students stronger, invigorated and encourage her students to build a deeper connection with their own body.

Marsha Yip

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Marsha completed her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification with strong focus on alignments in Iyengar style.


 She has also completed various trainings of teaching yoga in a healing and meditative way with anatomical principles. Her style is dynamic, fun and balanced, with an aim to help students build strength and flexibility with correct postures for the maximum safety and benefits. She loves encouraging students to challenge themselves with energizing and core-strengthening poses, while adding some restorative/ yin elements to class for a holistic experience.


Alexandra Colgan

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Although she’s always been an active person, Alex never really stuck to any sport or exercise until she first started doing yoga about 5 years ago. Through yoga, she discovered what it’s like to truly understand your own body and connect the power of breath with movement. Wanting to dive deeper into the practice, she decided to do her RYT200 teacher training with Samrat Dasgupta at PURE in 2020. 

Alex likes to create classes that are dynamic, fun and challenging. She believes that there’s always something new to learn every time you step on the mat.

Hannah Chan

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Hannah graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing arts and she started practicing yoga in 2017. She completed 200-Hour Yoga and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training.

Hannah's teaching style is smooth and interesting. She is grateful to meet yoga in her life, the practice purified and cleansed both her mind and body.

She believes that we will have a better understanding of ourselves through the yoga practice.


Steffie Shum

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Steffie started practicing yoga in 2013 while she was on her working holiday in Australia. At first she was just planning to take it as a hobby, but throughout the years of practice she has found herself not only healthier but also happier.

Graduated in Samantha yoga last year for her RYT 200, Steffie decided to leave private jet industry to become a full time yoga instructor. She has also equipped herself with wheel and aerial teaching licenses. Attending Steffie’s class is fun and rewarding! Meet her on the mat and share the joy of yoga together :)

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Judy Fong

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Judy has a total experience of yoga practice of seven years and recently completed 500 Hours Yoga teacher training. Yoga has changed every aspect of her life, and she hope to share her practice and the benefits of Yoga with others. 

She would guiding the body and mind connection at the beginning of the class, leading students mindfully to be in the  presence.  Also synchronize each movement with breath and awareness. She would pay personal attention to students and highlight prevention to avoid injury.


Vivian Lee

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A typical city dweller, with a fast-paced career in corporate finance law, Vivian was suffering from an anxiety disorder when she began her yoga journey and used it as an outlet to relieve chronic workplace stress. What was a hobby quickly turned into a passion as Vivian found serenity and peace in her practice.

Vivian completed her teacher training with One Yoga. She loves a dynamic and balanced practice coupled with a focus on the flow of movement. Through her classes she hopes to share her energy by creating both a challenging and relaxing environment, while guiding students to find mindfulness. She hopes her students will experience both empowerment and peacefulness through yoga practice.

Mabel Chan

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Mabel started practicing yoga since her student days, and completed RYT 200 at one yoga in 2022. She also pursued qualifications as a yoga wheel and aerial yoga instructor. Mabel believes that yoga can not only improve flexibility, but also cultivate agility and inner strength.

As her practice progressed, yoga became more than just physical training, but also a process of learning focus and inner peace. Through each breath and movement, she feels her body and emotions, living in the present moment.

Mabel hopes to practice with everyone and progress together on the yoga journey.


Catherine Kwok

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Catherine started her yoga journey in 2018. Through years of practice, she completed her RYT-200 and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in 2022. Apart from yoga, Catherine is also an experienced dance teacher for 7 years. Her enthusiastic attitude brings good atmosphere in class. She also helps students to improve their body awarenss through asanas adjustment. She hopes students to enjoy every yoga practice and understand their body more.

Chloe Lee

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Chloe is graduated from Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts - Bachelor of fine arts (Dance). She is a certified RYT200 yoga teacher and aerial yoga teacher.


Chloe started learn and practice yoga in her college life. Practicing yoga made her feel peaceful , relax and calm. Through the RYT200 teacher training , she obtained more knowledge about yoga not only the postures but also the spirit and attitude. Chloe aimed to share what she learned and found in yoga to her students.


Patrick Ko

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Patrick is a Certified Personal Trainer. He first started practicing yoga in 2018 because of muscle stiffness caused by weight training. He completed RYT200 yoga teacher training at One Yoga. 

Patrick finds the muscle flexibility and endurance training in yoga a perfect complement to the muscle strength and explosive power training in weight lifting. Yoga has changed Patrick’s life completely as it has enhanced not only his self-confidence but also his physical and mental vitality. He wants to bring this joy and satisfaction of practicing yoga to his students and help them to understand their own strength and weakness of the body with yoga.

Sherry Mak

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Sherry has practiced yoga since 2016. At the very beginning, she just wanted to take a breath from work and release body tension. Little by little, she discovered the positive changes in body and mind throughout yoga practice thus decided to become a certified yoga instructor. She believes that yoga is a life long journey and would like to share the healthy vibe to the others through asanas and pranayama. She is specialized to teach mat and aerial yoga and also capable to adjust teaching methods to all levels of student.




Yoyo Yu

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Yoyo is a florist who works out consistently and has a big interest in yoga. She believes that practicing yoga is a good way to heal our soul as it helps us to stay focused and mindful. Meanwhile, it boosts our inner and outer beauty. She hopes she can inspire more students to care about their mind, body and the soul. 

Yoyo likes creating creative sequencing. Her teaching style is focusing on spiritual aspect including breathing exercise and music. She also emphasises proper alignment in postures as well. Meet her to recharge your mind and body! :)

Tiffany Li

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On the mat she finds harmony. Yoga is a lifestyle, which is, in every sense, about balance of different dimensions of oneself. A main value Tiffany have learned from yoga.

Tiffany's practice focuses on the foundation and alignments of asana. She never pushes herself too hard to achieve an extreme posture, she believes the practice will come to her at the right time. 

She started practicing yoga since her high school era but she only treated it as a physical training. Originally aiming for self-improvement when enrolled in RYT-200, aim to the ‘dream poses’ like many people does but it changes her mind when she completed. She really learned so many different amazing asana but the best thing came into her life is she discovered yoga is connect to everything. You will naturally know we cannot control the outside but the inside. You will naturally know how to react to the failure and face difficulties. Both in yoga practice and your daily life. It works on me, so are you. 

See you on mat!

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