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Samantha Sin @samantha_theyogi
Samantha started her yoga journey in her early teens. She believes that yoga should be the union of mind, body and soul. 
Samantha's teaching style is dynamic and fun. She encourages students to push their own limits and progress in a non competitive way.
Enrica Ng @yogaholi_ca

It was the feeling after each practice that urged Enrica to return on the mat.  Experiencing the benefits of practicing yoga herself, Enrica wants to share such experience with more people.  As time pass, she felt the connection within herself as well as noticing how yoga has transformed her.

Her powerful combination of knowledge, compassion, creativity and challenge will fuel your journey toward self-discovery and offer you a hefty dose of love along the way. 

Bernice Tong @bernicehtong

Bernice has been practicing yoga since a young age and have been sharing yoga for many years. Having recently done her latest training in Rishikesh, India, she wants to share all the teachings that she has received.


She has been inspired to craft her own class to share all the teachings that deeply resonates. She feels honoured to share her calling and transmit her passion of yoga.

Minnie Cheung @m_iracle_vie

Minnie started Yoga years ago, and feel enlightened by a consistent Yoga practice. From this, she has learned to induce both relaxation and concentration by balancing the body and mind, and wish to share these benefits with others. To create this experience, her classes focus on body alignment, movement, and the transitions between poses. She became a registered Yoga Teacher certified with Awakened Life School of Yoga.

Joyce Fan @yogafanjoyce

Being part of the fast moving financial services machine, Joyce struggled to grow spiritually before her yoga journey commenced. Such journey brought her to another level in life and strongly motivated her to share her practice with the world.


Joyce's classes are playful yet challenging with easy alignment cues. She believes it is equally important to work on both flexibility and strength.

Faris Chan @yogawithfaris

Faris finished her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course in 2015 and 300 Hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in June 2017. Since completing her first training in summer 2015, she has spent the past years practicing everyday and perfecting her skills and techniques. 


She is passionate about sharing her love of Yoga and teach with an authentic and fun approach and am extremely dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for students to support inward focus and exploration of the body, mind and spirit for yogis of all levels.

Agnes Chan @ag.tiveyogi

Agnes is a true believer in uniting each and every mind, body and soul with its corresponding practice of yoga. Whether Yin or Yang, Gentle Flow or Power Yoga, Agnes has made it her quest to connect you with your most well suited styles of yoga.


Since becoming a certified instructor, she has devoted herself to this undertaking, believing the gift of yoga should be shared with all walks of life. 

Cherrie Leung @chercherrie

Cherrie is a certified yoga and fitness instructor, completing her 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 under the guidance of Patrick Creelman. She moved her career from a digital marketer to a full time yoga and fitness trainer.

Cherrie enjoys teaching very much and has patience to teach especially for beginners. Her classes are conducted in both English and Cantonese.

In her classes, she loves guiding the students to listen their own bodies and do their best. She aims to provide better alignment on each pose to open up the space in the body. She believes by moving and stretching our own body, we will have a better understanding of ourselves because mind and body are always connected.

Heinok Fan

Heinok is a certified yoga instructor, specialised in Yin yoga and Vinyasa yoga. She is also a dentist. 

She completed her 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course and she also studied Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Heinok hopes to offer holistic approach that can nourish body, mind and soul.


While she naturally inclines towards flowy vinyasa sequences, she also has an insatiable appetite to learn about the deeper philosophies of yoga and meditation, which she believes are key to unlocking the wisdom of our consciousness. 

Denise Law @denisehylaw

Denise first took her yoga class in the beginning of University, with more curiosity to explore the meaning of yoga, she completed 200-hr RYTT at Anahata Yoga in 2015. She believes yoga is the practice of self love, awareness and striking a balance between daily activities. Previously being full time in marketing & PR, yoga helps her slow down from the fast paced lifestyle and most importantly the joy of being able to share her knowledge in the studio. Through asanas and breathing, you will find a moment to connect with yourself in class with Denise.

Joanna Lai @nourisheats

Joanna has always taken a keen interest in health and wellness. She started yoga when she was studying in Toronto and quickly fell in love with the way it connected her mind, soul and body. Hoping to inspire others with the same passion, she also shares her health and wellness journey through her Nourisheats platform (Instagram: @nourisheats). Joanna has completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training at Anahata Hong Kong with Master Yogannath Andiappan and enjoys teaching various types of yoga including core, detox and yoga stretch. She strongly believes no matter what type of yoga she practices, we should always listen to our body for a strong and positive practice

Rency Kit @yoga_renc

Rency begin practising yoga since 2010. At first she was only looking for stretching and hoping for some relaxing moment from the busy work life. However she then found her inner peaceful and happiness during the practice. She completed her 200-hour teaching training in 2017 in Thailand. The Training program bought her to the yoga world and she enjoys sharing her yoga a lot. In order to keep exploring her yoga journey, she went for the 300-hour teacher training with Beyond Bryce Yoga.

In her classes, you will find challenges as well as fun. Rency hopes her classes can help students to calm their mind, to feel energized and to find their true happiness. Wear your smile after the practice =)
(Instagram: @yoga_renc)

Vivian Cheng @vivianclyan

Vivian specializes in Hatha, Pranayama & Meditations, Pre- & Post-Natal Yoga and Aerial Yoga. 


She believes that as you open up space in your body, you open up space in your mind. By removing limitations in our body, we allow undisturbed energy flow and help us connect our body and mind. Yoga is so unique and far beyond a physical workout. She is excited to have everyone of you to be part of this special journey, exploring different forms of yoga and to spread positive energy in class. 


Marsha Yip @marsha.y.oga

Marsha completed her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification with strong focus on alignments in Iyengar style.


She has also completed various trainings of teaching yoga in a healing and meditative way with anatomical principles. Her style is dynamic, fun and balanced, with an aim to help students build strength and flexibility with correct postures for the maximum safety and benefits. She loves encouraging students to challenge themselves with energizing and core-strengthening poses, while adding some restorative/ yin elements to class for a holistic experience.


Jasmine Wu @jazz_jw

Born in Japan, started her career in Hong Kong. Jasmine works as a model/actress, this has taken her across Asia.


She took a break from her busy modelling schedule to dedicate time for yoga training in an Ashram, with an aim to teach adults and seniors. Jasmine was trained in a traditional Indian yoga style. She has been teaching students and communities via a holistic approach. She firmly believes that: "Yoga is a universal language across culture, generations, race and gender."

Jo Cheung

Jo teaches hatha, vinyasa, wheel class, yin yoga, wall yoga and aerial yoga.

She first began her yoga practice in 2014 which completely changed her perception and attitude toward life. What she most likes about yoga is that it is not about the end pose or a perfect practice we present but finding ourself; who truly we are. She believes that yoga makes our life more enjoyable and aim to share that joy with others in her classes.

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