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Trained 700+ yoga teachers 
since 2018

If you are trying to....


Obtain an international qualification


Deepen your understanding of Yoga


Turn your passion into your new career 

Get ready to embark on an Exciting New Quest


A Journey of Empowerment

Unleash Your Radiance Within✨

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The Time is Now
Don't let your future self regret your inaction

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Erica Tam


Erica has come full circle at our studio. As one of the earliest graduates of our RYT200 program, she dove deep into the teachings and traditions of yoga. Now, she passes on the torch of knowledge to the next generation of students.


Ida Hui


Ida found her zen when she stepped onto the yoga mat. She began her journey as a student of our RYT200 Programme. Now, as an ambassador for athleisure leader Sweaty Betty, Ida inspires even more yogis with her message of empowerment through yoga.


Yoyo Yu


As a recent RYT200 program graduate, Yoyo immediately sought to deepen her yoga knowledge. She dove into intensive study of wheel and aerial yoga, pushing her practice to new heights. Now, Yoyo shares her love of yoga as an instructor at One Yoga studio.

Don't worry if you feel unprepared

Hear from students on their experiences....

Change yourself to change your life

Programme Structure

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Meet Your Lead Teacher
- Samantha Sin (ERYT-500)

* 200小時瑜伽老師培訓 -香港

* 300 小時瑜伽治療老師培訓 – 香港

* 300 小時高級瑜伽老師培訓 – 美國

* Dharma Wheel 瑜珈輪老師培訓– Level 1, Dharma Yoga Wheel TM, 美國

* Dharma Wheel 瑜珈輪老師培訓 – Level 2, Dharma Yoga Wheel TM, 美國

* 空中教師培訓 – 香港

* 60小時陰瑜伽及肌筋膜放鬆老師培訓 – 新加坡

* 美國高級瑜伽解剖老師師培訓

* 喜瑪拉雅頌缽療法 – Level 1, Allpamama, 香港

* 喜瑪拉雅頌缽療法 – Level 2 , Allpamama, 香港

* 專業頌缽治療師課程 –一級, 香港

* 專業頌缽治療師課程 –二級, 香港

* 瑜伽歷史和哲學培訓 – Doug Keller,美國

* 瑜伽智慧訓練基礎 – Ishan Tigunait,美國

* 美國解剖學和瑜伽治療會議

* 香港護士管理局註冊護士



1. I'll miss a few days. Can I still join?

Yes. We can arrange recording for you. If you have any question, you can always ask your teacher.

2. I am not flexible. There are lots of advanced asanas that I can not handle. Is that a problem?

Not at all! Every person is unique in his/her own way. You are not required to master advanced asana to join the programme. Our teachers will guide you step by step.

3. Is the qualification internationally recognised?

Upon completing the program, you will receive an RYT200 certification. This certification is recognized by Yoga Alliance and can be used to formally register as a yoga teacher with them. The RYT200 certification is internationally recognised.

4. Do you offer trial for your programme?

We offer a free online course so you can experience our teaching style and content. You can access the free course here. If you wish to join our in-person classes, you can purchase our regular pass here.

5. After completing the training, are there opportunities to teach classes at your studio?

Many program graduates teach classes at our studio. We regularly hire our teacher training students as instructors. If you are interested in teaching with us after you complete the program, please let us know - we are always looking for talented new teachers from our trainings to join our team.

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