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10-Hour Yoga Poses Foundational Course



Dec 1, 8, 15
7:15pm - 9:45pm
Dec 16
4:30pm - 7:00pm 

Tuition Fee (Early Bird)



Erica Tam

About Our Programme

The Foundation Yoga Poses Training is a 10-hour course designed to provide students with a solid understanding of fundamental yoga poses commonly encountered in regular yoga classes. The main objective of this course is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently perform these poses with correct alignment, even in classes where teachers may not have sufficient time to provide detailed instructions.

Throughout the course, students will be introduced to more than 40 common essential yoga poses, including but not limited to Warrior 1, Warrior 2, High Lunge, Chair Pose, Triangle Pose, Side Angle Pose, Lizard Pose, Pigeon Pose, Sun Salutation, and various breath work techniques.


Each pose will be thoroughly broken down and explored, allowing students to understand proper alignment, modifications, and potential variations.

By the end of the Foundation Yoga Poses Training, students will have gained the confidence and competence to perform these foundational poses in regular yoga classes. Whether attending a vinyasa flow, hatha, or any other style of yoga class, students will be well-equipped to participate with confidence and enjoy the benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

The course offers a certificate of completion and counts towards Yoga Alliance CET hours. Whether you are a beginner seeking a solid foundation in yoga or a yoga teacher looking to refresh your knowledge on pose breakdown, this course will empower you to confidently practice and teach foundational yoga poses in a variety of yoga class settings.

Tuition Fee

HK$2,950 (Early Bird before 17th Nov)

HK$3,800 (Regular Price)


The programme will be conducted in bilingual (Cantonese and English)


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Other Programme Information


Terms & Conditions

Once you sign up for the programme, you cannot get a refund or transfer your place to someone else.


You can only pay the tuition fee by bank transfer or online payment. Your place in the programme is only confirmed when we receive your payment. You agree to all the programme's terms and conditions once you make your payment. 

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